Killigrew Partnership

St Francis C of E School is part of the Killigrew Partnership which sees us work collaboratively with our partner school, King Charles, also in Falmouth.  To find out more about the Killigrew Partnership and its Governing Board, click on the link below.

Head’s Welcome

A message from Claire Fortey

Hello, my name is Claire Fortey and I am lucky enough to be Executive Headteacher here at St Francis. It is my pleasure to introduce you to our school, a place where learning and fun go hand in hand, where children and adults work in harmony and where everyone achieves.

I am hugely proud of our school and all that we accomplish together, we are well known for the exceptional care and support we provide for all members of our family and our excellence in teaching and learning. This has been formally recognised by Ofsted – in 2008 we were graded “Outstanding” and in July 2013 we were awarded Outstanding in 3 out of the 4 areas of judgement, giving us a “Good” overall grade.
This website offers you the opportunity to find out a little more about life here at St Francis, and if you are a prospective parent we warmly invite you to come and have a look around and meet us in person.

Ethos & Values

St Francis is a school to be proud of

 To download our mission statement click here.

We aim to rise above the ordinary and promote excellence by providing a positive, inclusive environment for learning and growth. Inspired by our faith in Christ, and together with our parents, churches and communities, we aim for each person to reach their full potential in body, mind, heart and spirit.

Committed to personalised learning… where every person matters, every person succeeds, every person helps

To see our two year values plan click here.

At St Francis we aim to :

  •  S timulate our learners
  • each family values
  • F orge friendships
  • R espect each other
  •  A im higher
  • N urture and support
  • C reate an exciting curriculum
  • I nspire faith in Christ
  •  S ucceed

Life at St Francis

Find out a little more about life at St Francis Church of England School