Ex Days!

To further extend our commitment to our core values of “Everyone Matters” and “Everyone Succeeds” we are proud of this innovative way of delivering part of our curriculum.  Every two weeks, pupils will experience activities in each year group from Years 1 through to 6 in this exciting way – Ex- days! Dates for Ex days, can be found under news/events in the calendar section, but as a guide Year 1 and 2 alternate every Tuesday, Year 3 and 4 alternate every Wednesday and Year 5 and 6 alternate every Thursday. Reception year is every Friday morning.

These activity days are a creative way of enabling our children to experience their studies in a really active and dynamic way; they experience extra special activities to enrich and enhance their curriculum. These special days are named as ex days because their focus are on any of the following …. expeditions, exercise, exciting adventures, expressive arts, experiential learning, exploring the wider world, becoming an expert, carrying out experiments, or extending existing studies, skills and interests.

Our ex team, are Miss Sutton, Mrs Geraghty, Mrs Sullivan and Mr Truin



StFrancis084EXpressing with Miss Sutton

Developing speaking and listening skills through the topic of PHSE (personal, health and social education)

During our EX days this year Miss Sutton will be continuing to focus on P.S.H.E in a creative way, looking at ‘Living in the wider world’ and economic well-being and being a responsible citizen.

The children will learn that there are different kinds of responsibilities, rights and duties at home, at school, in the community and towards the environment. They will also learn about being part of a community and about the varied institutions that support communities locally and nationally.

Children will continue to develop their speaking and listening skills with a focus on group discussion and expressing their feelings.









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